《Company Policy》

To get "rich life", a steady financial plan (fund plan) is necessary before the present life reaching it in the future. Asset use is considered as one means.

In JPM Co., Ltd., we perform the asset use that we made use of the original experience and know-how as the new value creation company.

Aiming at safe asset use by the investment that is not speculation, in helping the future asset formation and life plan of all of you, we make an effort every day to be able to build "the relations that the trust is based" .

In a new economic environment, is it time to think about the asset which is most suitable for own seriously?

In JPM Co., Ltd., we guide asset suitable for you.


◆Management of the all the members participation and the development of the company and improvement of the welfare


All the employees think about us together, acting together in a foundation, in the each employee being engaged in management, we are convinced that the accomplishment of development and the social responsibility of the company is enabled.

The continuous development of the company and the source of the welfare of the employee are for the improvement of the productivity,

We make up a job to be worth working through it by ourselves; we will try for increasing the welfare of all employees with every effort.

Since all employees will push on in solidarity, we would appreciate it if you could support and cooperate with us.